Effective environmental emission control solutions

Blended Products for effective odour control

Limpac (Lime & Powder Activated Carbon blend) – any ratio
Pacsocarb Premium (Tata Chemicals Sodium Bicarbonate with flow additive & Powder Activated Carbon blend) – any ratio
Any quantity supplied; from 25 kg bags up to 1 tonne big bags all securely shrink wrapped and delivered to your site or even bulk tanker deliveries.

Lime & powder activated carbon blends

PAC, sodium bicarbonate, hydrated lime, talc & other flue gas treatment chemicals available on request.

Blend-i-Pack are now approved suppliers of Tata Chemicals Briskarb Premium. This is a competitively priced fine grade of sodium bicarbonate with greater efficiency across temperatures ranging from 140 -400 C (see here for brochure). With a 20 -25% greater efficiency than standard bicarb savings can be made in terms of purchase and disposal costs.

Sodium bicarbonate with flow additives

Tote bin filling service & delivery on contract basis.

Carbon repacking and chemical impregnation, on a contract basis for carbon manufacturers.

Blend-i-Pack Ltd provide custom blends for effective acid gas neutralisation. To place your order, contact us on